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start_page ("Mashed Potato Faces | The Process");

print "My mommy told me to not to talk with my mouth open while I eat, so it's closed temporarily.";

: (0);


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<b> 09.27.16</b>

<p><i>8:13pm</i>, <!-- I think my my neighbor is a witch. I need to think of something to make
to take  my mind of her--> I need to think of something to occupy my mind. Easy enough
now I just need an idea...

<p>=<i>9:48pm<</i>. I'm a little jacked up on Jelly Beans, not gonna lie. So what if it's not even
10pm and It;s a Tuesday night? What? There is a sack of Idaho Potatoes
open on my desktop and some of these spuds are pretty horrendous.

I almost want to put some of these potatoes next to pictures of California Avocados and have people
vote on which one is more tasty. It's not such a great idea and probably not even funny, but
Timmy comes up with the idea of comparing two potatoes from the 5lb bag of Russet Potatoes, and only sometimes
putting an avocado in there. Good call Mr. PotatoHead!' I think he's onto something.

<p><i>11:09pm</i>. Yea, it's on. I'm not exactly sure how the avocados are going
to fit into this whole thing (you can't really be sure with avocados...), 

since people's ratings of the vegetables will be more implicit than , say, choosing a number to
represent each vegetables tastiness like they do on hotpotatoornot.com. The other thing we're

going to
need is a lot of potatoes. Unfortunately, The Grocery Store is closed
so I'm going to have to get all the vegetables from my neighbors gardens where the farmers are.
And that means no fresh potatoes...drats.

<p><i>12:58am</i>. Let the mashing begin. First on the list is Kirkland Potatoes. They keep
open and allow indexes in their garden configuration, so a little puppet magic is all 
that's necessary to grab the entire Kirkland vegetable garden. Child's play.

<p><i>1:03am</i>, Next on the list is Eliot's garden. They're also open, but with no fences
in the yard. I can run in empty handed and all the potatoes in their garden are mine...bwahaha <to be continued>

In Episode II of FACEMASHTV The Puppets Discover Elos Algorithm 


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