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Adopt A Puppet

Welcome To The ePuppets Adopt A Puppet Program


ePuppets is home to hundreds of captivating puppets 
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You won't believe they're all puppets!

Searching for the perfect Birthday gift?  Instead of a Video Game, or Gift Card, why not send your kids, loved ones, friends, or colleagues a puppet this year? We're confident that it will be the most memorable Birthday ever!

These Puppets are magical, and their fun for kids of all ages, and adults too! These Puppets are inspired by nature and literature. These full-bodied hand puppets are richly detailed, perfect for storytelling, imaginative play, educating on environmental issues, and helping shy children to express themselves.

Puppets are the Perfect Gift for Every Occasion. Great for teaching & can be used at home or in schools, churches, Doctor's Offices, hospitals, or anywhere. 

Puppets Popular with Therapists

Many people find that Puppets can help people to express themselves. The soft, lifelike animal puppets can be a comfort for children, and parents working through difficult times. Puppets help people to reveal their experiences and emotions and are great to use in the classroom. Character puppets, featuring workable mouths, tongues, and fingers, have been successfully used in speech therapy and to teach sign language.

Baby Puppets

Baby Puppets are designed especially for younger children! The NEW infant and toddler line is safe for all ages, with emphasis on discovery tools such as color, texture, shape, movement, sound and surprise to stimulate development. Challenging enough for older children, these puppets are perfect for adult/child interactive play.

Character Puppets

Character Puppets work wonders for storytelling, puppet shows, imaginative play, teaching interpersonal skills, and child therapy. The unique "two-handed" design on many of the Character Puppets allows the user to articulate the fingers individually. This fun and useful feature can promote coordination skills and even help teach sign language!

Puppets for Storytelling

These Puppets work perfectly for storytelling. These selections from our line feature moveable mouths, folktale and fantasy themes, and character puppets.

Finger Puppets

The Finger Puppet collection features small, beautifully detailed animals in fanciful and realistic fabrics. Most of these operate with just one finger - perfect for inspiring a child's imagination. Add an award-winning Puppet Theater, and you've got a show on your hands!

Retired Puppets

We carry hundreds of hand puppets, character puppets, finger puppets, and glove marionettes. Each year there approximately 15-20 new items in January and July of each year. To make room for new items, puppets are retired throughout the year.

Each of these items will be retired from our online catalog on the date that we actually run out of our current stock. After the date that an item is retired no more will be available.