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 Welcome To ePuppets.com™ of Mt. Shasta

ePuppets is an Interactive Entertainment Startup Located in the heart of downtown Mt. Shasta ePuppets, Inc. offers Toys and Gifts from around the world that inspire creativity and learning in kids of all ages. 

The Perfect Gift for every occasion. The Award Winning Folkmanis Puppets are inspired by nature and literature. These full-bodied hand puppets are richly detailed, perfect for storytelling, imaginative play, educating on environmental issues, or helping people of all ages to express themselves. You can view the Puppets by scrolling through the listings, or search by keyword.  If you would like to Adopt A Puppet Click Here. 

ePuppets Voted #7 Top Tech Startup Winning an Exhibition Spot at Crowd Invest Summit West December 7 - 8 in Los Angeles

MT. SHASTA, Calif. Dec. 6, 2016  -- A mom and pop store and website ePuppets.com that sells toys and puppets is among a handful of companies voted by Crowd Invest Summit attendees to win a free table at the expo in Los AngelesDecember 7 and 8.

Its owners are so excited to be chosen they're leaving their Mt. Shasta store in the middle of the busy holiday season.

"We are honored to have been voted into the top ten tech startup companies to participate in this first ever Crowd Invest Summit," said founder Daniel John Bryan. "I purchased a ticket and was pleasantly surprised when we won a table. I look forward to learning everything we can about how equity crowdfunding can be beneficial to startups and help us raise capital to grow and fund our feature film projects. Of course, we're bringing our puppet stars with us."

Crowd Invest Summit Expo & Pitch Contest Voting


Attendees are invited to stop by and take a selfie with a few of the company's original puppet characters, who will be featured in an upcoming film called The Puppet Movie. ePuppets will livestream updates from the road and at the show on Periscope http://www.twitter.com/epuppets

The summit is a crowdfunding conference and expo. Equity crowdfunding is a way for people to invest in early-stage companies that are not listed on the stock market in exchange for shares in that company.

ePuppets, Inc. is a lot more than just a toy store. It's a Silicon Mountain high tech startup founded by an Internet marketing consultant with 15 years' experience working on Fortune 500 and Silicon Valley startup companies.

About ePuppets, Inc. 
Located in the heart of downtown Mt. Shasta, California, ePuppets, Inc. sells toys and gifts from around the world. The ePuppets brand inspires creativity and imagination with a mission to create a global franchise and global entertainment company beginning with franchises in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles.  

Contact: Daniel Bryan 
CEO, ePuppets, Inc.  


MT. SHASTA, Calif., July 2, 2015 ePuppets, Inc. opens its first brick-and-mortar store on July 4, 2015 in honor of Independence Day. Located in the heart of downtown Mt. Shasta, California, ePuppets, Inc. sells toys and gifts from around the world including puppets, marionettes, dolls, robots, remote control toys, educational toys, and more than 600 items from other well-known brands.

Take a virtual tour of the new store by visiting https://goo.gl/maps/qUygD

The company, which is an online retailer of puppets and educational toys, plans to expand the franchise throughout California to include locations in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. Also in the works are plans to spinoff an entertainment division called ePuppets TV featuring original content, characters, cartoons, feature films, and merchandising opportunities featuring the ePuppets' brand.

"The ePuppets' brand inspires creativity and imagination. Our goal is to create a global franchise that brings the magic of puppets to a whole new generation," said Cofounder and CEO Daniel Bryan.

"We chose Mt. Shasta as the home of ePuppets because it's a magical place that offers an incredible lifestyle surrounded by majestic beauty. We look forward to working closely with the city's chamber of commerce to help promote trade and tourism in Mount Shasta," said Bryan.

As part of the company's online marketing strategy, ePuppets has integrated an affiliate marketing program powered by Impact Radius. Website owners and online marketers can promote ePuppets.com and earn commissions on sales they refer by joining here: http://member.impactradius.com/advertiser-advertiser-info/ePuppets-Inc.brand

"Affiliate marketing is a smart way to boost brand awareness on a pay-for-performance basis," said Stephan Gunning, cofounder and vice president of operations for ePuppets. "We chose to partner with Impact Radius because of their strong reputation as an industry  in the performance marketing industry."

Toys as tools for learning

"Part of ePuppets' magic is how we are incorporating art, music, and educational items into our product mix," said Simona Bryan, also a cofounder and creative director. "Educational toys help develop creativity through play. At ePuppets we are always looking for ways to inspire children. Educators can benefit by using these tools as part of the teaching process."

ePuppets.com Customer Service:
Toll Free:     650-209-6313

Mt. Shasta Store
306 N. Mt. Shasta Blvd., 
Mount Shasta, California 96067 

Corporate Head Quarters
ePuppets, Inc.
1299 C South Main St. #162
Yreka, California 96097

Take a virtual tour of the new store https://goo.gl/maps/qUygD

epuppet-store-view2.jpgWho is Pulling the Strings in New Puppet Reality Television Show?

Live Puppet Show on November 27, 2015 During Mount Shasta's Winter Magic Festival

MOUNT SHASTA, Calif., Nov. 19, 2015  -- It's being called the first reality television show for puppets. A new cast of characters has taken up residence at a family owned toy store in Mt. Shasta, California. The performers will star in their own television show on ePuppets TV sometime in early 2016.

The pilot episode of the show introduces an alien puppet named Morry the Lemurian who becomes stranded in a toy store. At night, after the toy store closes, and its owners go home, the puppets in the store come to life after being awakened by magic jelly beans given to them by a gnome who likes puppet shows.

"Toys coming to life at night or when grown-ups are not around is a classic storybook theme that we wanted to explore with a television show," said Daniel Bryan, co-founder of the Mt. Shasta, California puppet and toy shop, ePuppets.

Bryan has hired production industry leaders to build many of the characters that will be featured in the episodes – one is a character named Bigfoot Bob.

"We are very excited to be working with ePuppets on these wonderfully creative endeavors to share the magic of puppets with the world," "When ePuppets asked us to come up with a custom Bigfoot puppet we jumped at the chance to create an amazing magical character that we wouldn't mind hanging out with in the woods!"

"Just like reality television, we will have likeable puppets and some who are not as easy to figure out," Bryan added. "As we move forward with our retail operations, we'll also be introducing new characters and creating opportunities for licensing and entertainment programming."

In addition to taped episodes, ePuppets will be performing a puppet show at Parker Plaza on Friday, November 27th at 1:30 pm during Mt. Shasta's Winter Magic Festival.

"Retailer ePuppets is the type of toy store that children love. It makes a great addition to our downtown and provides products that the Mt. Shasta area didn't have. Please stop by the toy shop and see for yourself," said Jim Mullins, Mt. Shasta Chamber of Commerce.

View the shows and join the fun on Facebook


California Puppet Company Helps Children at Kentucky’s
Our Lady of Peace Catholic Jewish Hospital


Louisville, KY Young patients at Our Lady of Peace
will be expressing themselves with the help of animal
puppets thanks to a gift from ePuppets.com in California.  

With more than 2,250 children and young people treated each 
year at Our Lady of Peace,  this type of therapy will help break
the silence for many who have mental 
disorders or have been 
traumatized by a physical or 
psychological event in their life.

Traumatized children can often relate more readily to
puppets, than adults, and these furry animals will
give the therapists the opportunity to establish
communication with the child.  The nine large soft and
furry puppets, along with various finger puppets, will
help children, ages two to 12, who have suffered from
disorders such as severe physical and psychological
trauma and/or have been diagnosed with such illnesses
as depression; hyperkinetic syndrome; oppositional
defiant disorder, reactive attachment disorder; and
bipolar disorder. Many of these children have multiple
disabilities, including brain injury and hearing

JoAnne DeLorenzo Maamry, CEO of Our Lady of Peace
said, “Communicating with these children and young
people is a great challenge—like most kids, they
communicate interactively, rather than
introspectively, and because of this, expressive forms
of therapy are often the only way to communicate their

thoughts.  We are thankful for ePuppets kind

Children will be given a choice of puppets and, with
time, become willing to talk to the puppets with which
they have bonded.  This is often the first, critical
conversation that these children have at the hospital.
Through the puppet, the therapist is able to reach
the child and hear what the child is experiencing

Considerable research has been done with expressive
therapy.  Most recently, it has been used with
veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder.  Like
these veterans, the children at Our Lady of Peace
often are plagued with painful, confusing thoughts
that have no rational, verbal outlet.  The functions
of expressive therapy as a form of child psychotherapy
are illustrated through case material, focusing on
wish fulfillment, psychic integration, reenactment of
past traumatic experiences, transformation from
passivity to activity, separation of fantasy and
reality, fusion with the idealized or actual parent,
defense and mastery.  The value of this therapy is in
not only the catharsis it provides, but also the
chance to articulate the fantasies through play,
experience the working through of conflicts, and
connect the past to the present.

By allowing the children to communicate with these
fanciful figures — through touch, sight, as well as
voice their internal conflicts and fantasies — the
therapist can begin to establish one-on-one verbal
communication which is the principal goal of the